Bringing Your Grease Management Program Under Control


Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) accumulates quickly in a grease trap, and without a robust bacteria population, your grease trap likely isn’t performing the way it was designed to. This often leads to municipal effluent violations and fines, above-average pumping schedules, and a high risk for clogs and backups. However, with a proper preventative maintenance program, facility managers can overcome these challenges.


>> What is Total System Solution & how does it work?

Total System Solution is made from peat using a patented process. Unlike EcoHancer, the Total System Solution formula is optimized for use in grease traps. The completely all-natural formula provides a high carbon food source that is like an energy drink for the natural bacteria that already exist in a grease trap. As a result, the bacteria population grows 4-5 times and their activity doubles, digesting waste and FOG at a higher rate.

>> What makes Total System Solution unique?

Total System Solution is unlike any other product offered for grease trap maintenance:

  • It is not a bacteria or enzyme additive
  • It activates the native bacteria in the grease trap
  • It complements an EcoHancer septic system maintenance program

>> The Total System Solution effect:

Total System Solution’s ability to enhance the natural processes that take place in grease traps improves a trap’s effectiveness. As a result, Total System Solution: 

  • Improves upon effluent limits set by municipalities, reducing or eliminating surcharges
  • Minimizes cross-contamination risk associated with grease trap exposure
  • Significantly reduces odor
  • Reduces FOG build up, preventing FOG related back-ups
  • Normalizes a facility’s pumping schedule

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