ECO-Friendly and ECO-nomical™


Modern sanitizers, cleaners, and medicines kill the natural bacteria that help septic systems work.  Without a robust bacteria population, you are at risk for septic system failure.  A septic system is the most costly system in your home or business to replace, but with proper preventative maintenance, you can minimize this risk.


>> What is EcoHancer™ and how does it work?

EcoHancer is made from peat, using a patented process.  The completely all-natural formula provides a high carbon food source that is like an energy drink for the natural bacteria within your septic system.  This enables them to multiply more rapidly and become more active.  As a result, waste is digested at a higher rate, and the native population is stronger, more resilient to bacteria killers.

>> What makes EcoHancer™ unique?

EcoHancer is unlike other additives offered for septic system maintenance:

  • It is not a bacteria culture or enzyme
  • It activates the native bacteria responsible for waste digestion
  • It is scientifically proven to neutralize toxins and pollutants (anti-bacterials, medications, chemicals, etc.)
  • It improves the condition and quality of soil, leading to better drain field drainage

>> The EcoHancer™ effect:

EcoHancer is effective throughout each stage of the septic system, impacting the septic tank, piping, distribution box, and the drain field – unlike any other product on the market.  As a result, with EcoHancer, your system will function more efficiently and effectively:

  • Clarifies Septic Tank Effluent
  • Maximizes Drain Field Performance
  • Remediates and Renovates Drain Fields
  • Significantly Reduces Odors
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs

To begin your septic system rejuvenation and/or preventative maintenance program with EcoHancer™ today, visit our How to Buy page.