Two All-Natural Solutions for Septic System Maintenance and Grease Trap Treatment

Today, pumpers, industry professionals, and homeowners face tremendous challenges with more stringent environmental and fiscal constraints. These challenges have to be met with new and innovative approaches for continuous improvement that will lower costs and optimize operational conditions. 

Greenovative Technologies currently offers two products, and at their core is a unique and powerful peat extract that has proven to increase existing microbial populations and enhance their activity. This powerful base has been optimized for maximum performance in septic system and grease trap environments:


EcoHancer is an all-natural liquid optimized for maximum impact in septic systems, enhancing overall performance, rejuvenating drain fields, and drastically improving odor challenges.

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Total System Solution is an all-natural material developed for use in grease traps, improving wastewater quality, regulating pumping schedules, and reducing odor.

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